Stand with Trump!


The over the top reaction by certain Republican players to ten plus year old comments by Donald Trump reeks of a profound realization and fear that Donald Trump will win.  These type comments have been heard before in locker rooms, military mess halls, union halls and topless bars all around this nation.

So what he said in braggadocio more than ten years ago, not done just said, is worse than even the latest leaks about Hillary Clinton’s emails?  It is now public, she has two positions, a public and a private position on issues!  Say what?  This means that we cannot trust ANYTHING she has said or will say about any issue.

Think about this for a moment and consider the highly coordinated assault by the democratic supporting PAC’s, the “Republicans”, the print and broadcast media on Donald J. Trump.  Tell me how is it that articles on the same topic, using similar words all…

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