Yes my friendsThe Yellowstone caldeira...view from the webcam on  the top of the  mount Washburn, all of our North American civilization, even our Western civilization is not only threatened, but will perish with certainty.

I did a lot of personal research on the famous giant volcano Yellowstone and I can not help but reflect on the sudden changes observed recently by scientists from the University of Utah. The news is alarming and we are simply reconsider the meaning of our life, our daily habits and our relationship with nature and … the entire cosmos.

Currently, all humans living in North America is too busy with work, capitalist greed and equipment and their daily routine to really worry about the dangers that threaten us all …!

Numerous studies have established links between solar activity and earthquakes on Earth … or similar eruptions volcaniques.Si the solar maximum of 2012 surprises us by his power, if a major solar storm shakes us with a…

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