Understanding the Threat


As the Christian world celebrates Easter and the resurrection of the savior Jesus the Christ, Islamic Jihad wages across the globe. Christians in places like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, North Korea, Central Africa, and Europe are persecuted for their faith. Those that speak and live their faith are arrested, tortured and killed.

Here in America students and faculty on college campuses and even in public schools face legal action for living out their faith in direct contradiction to the founding principles enshrined in our Declaration of Independence – a Declaration that we are independent of tyranny and DEPENDENT on God.

The Vatican reported to the United Nations in 2013 that over 100,000 Christians are killed annually for their faith across the globe.

Yesterday in Nigeria, on Easter Sunday, Islamic Jihadists burned down a church and killed 150 Christians.  This is happening across the globe on a daily basis.

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