Arctic Methane Alert — Ramp-Up at Numerous Reporting Stations Shows Signature of an Amplifying Feedback

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Over the past few months, reporting stations around the Arctic have shown a ramping rate of atmospheric methane accumulation. The curves in the graphs are steepening, hinting at a growing release of methane from a warming Arctic environment.

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Alert, Canada Methane June 1 2015

(Alert, Canada methane graph shows atmospheric methane increases in the range of 20 parts per billion in just one year. This rate of increase is 2-3 times the global average for the past five years. A skyrocketing rate of increase. Image source: NOAA ESRL.)

A Massive Thawing Carbon Store in the Far North

The science is pretty settled. There’s a massive store of ancient carbon now thawing in the Arctic.

In the land-based permafrost alone, this store is in the range of 1.3 billion tons — or nearly double the volume in the atmosphere right now. Arctic Ocean methane hydrates in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf…

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Half a Million Acres Burned in Just One Day — Alaska Shatters Record For Worst June Wildfire Outbreak Ever

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All throughout the mainstream media last week we heard the same myopic litany — ‘a massive wildfire outbreak ongoing in Alaska is not abnormal.’ Well, today, all pretense that there was anything normal about the 314 wildfires still raging throughout the state has gone up in a cloud of boreal forest, tundra, and thawed permafrost emitted smoke.

As of 6:28 AM Alaska time today, 1,912,000 acres had burned in Alaska since the start of the year. That’s roughly 1,800,000 more acres burned than just before the current wildfire outbreak started on June 18th and 497,000 more acres burned over just the last 24 hour period alone. By comparison, the previous worst ever June fire outbreak for Alaska during 2004 burned less than 1,200,000 acres of the Arctic state.

Wildfires now burning in Alaska

(Alaska Interagency Center map of currently active wildfires now burning in Alaska.)

With 42 hours left in June and with more…

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Magnetic Field Weakening Ten Times Faster than Thought

“Our planet’s magnetosphere, which prevents solar winds and radiation from reaching Earth, is currently DISAPPEARING, affecting the WEST first according to researchers. While we are in the grip of a surge in solar storms – when radiation blast from the sun across near space – scientists have discovered our magnetic field and only defence against them is thinning.”


Another solar storm strikes Earth


Disturbing news – “…we are about to enter a potentially catastrophic period of record earthquakes and volcanic eruptions throughout the United States… …all high risk earthquake fault zones and areas with a history of volcanic eruptions in the USA take IMMEDIATE precautions…”

Source: ~ Letter to FEMA from the Space and Science Research Corporation (June 8, 2015)



Triceratops Horn Dated to 33,500 Years… Evolution is DEBUNKED!!!

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walking with dinosaurs

Did humans walk with dinosaurs? It is generally accepted in the scientific community that dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago. That is a long time before humans walked the earth. At least that’s what the scientific journals and studies have concluded.

But, is it possible that humans and the ‘terrible lizard’ did co-exist at the same time?

The bible refers several times to two very large beasts. In the book of Job, an Old Testament book, we read about leviathan and behemoth. The details given make it clear that several thousand years ago giant beasts walked the earth and man was alive to see and write about them. Numerous cave drawings and pieces of art depict animals that look like dinosaurs.

The following article reveals some stunning evidence that shows it could be possible that humans and dinosaurs shared the earth at the same time. It also reveals that the scientific…

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Obama’s Middle Nuclear Finger To Us All – Bashes Americans On Iranian State TV

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Obama goes on TV to address Iranians with best wishes on their holiday of Nowruz- then bashes Israel and Americans who oppose his efforts to hand Iran nuclear weapons.

Is it not amazing that His Heinous Obama I – never misses the opportunity to commemorate or celebrate every single Islamic holiday in the world?    Shia or Sunni?  So Obama tapes a message broadcast on Iranian TV, marking the Persian New Year celebration of Nowruz and uses the occasion to promote his plan to hand Iran nuclear weapons to their Mullah’s and Ayatollah.  He then went on to bash Americans who oppose his plan to hand them the weapons they will ultimately use on America and Israel.

“A nuclear deal now can help open the door for you, the Iranian people,” Obama said on TV.

Open the door to what?  Global Conquest?  Nuclear annihilation? Starting a nuclear WWIII to usher in…

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Most Americans wouldn’t last 3 weeks…

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