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As In The Days Of Noah and Lot

He replied, ‘All right, I agree to what you have asked. I won’t overthrow the city of which you have spoken. Hurry, and escape to that place, because I can’t do anything until you arrive there.’ For this reason the city was named Tzo‘ar [small]. ~ Genesis 19:21-22, CJB (underlined word is this blogger’s emphasis)

Lot went up from Tzo‘ar and lived in the hills with his two daughters, because he was afraid to stay in Tzo‘ar. He and his two daughters lived in a cave. ~ Genesis 19:30, CJB

‘So when you see the abomination that causes devastation spoken about through the prophet Dani’el standing in the Holy Place’ (let the reader understand the allusion), that will be the time for those in Y’hudah to escape to the hills.’ ~ Matthew 24:15-17, CJB (underlined word is this blogger’s emphasis)





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Judge Jeanine: “Danger to U.S. Power Grid”


PROFESSIONAL TROLLS: Who pays them & where do they come from?

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Government statement as propaganda, news article as propaganda, police leak as propaganda, opinion poll as propaganda….and comment thread trolling as propaganda

I have just taken great pleasure in expunging a professional troll from The Slog. The bloke’s history is as follows:

1. He first of all hijacked the ID of another innocent threader.

2. He then threaded 18 negative comments about exposés I’d posted.

3. When challenged, he launched an obscenely abusive response.

4. On investigation, he turned out to have used 17 different IP addresses while threading 18 comments. No genuine threader needs 17 different IP addresses.

This was what he posted at The Slog this morning when I asked him why he’d referred to me as ‘Pure Evil':

suckonOver the last two years, my experience of organised trolling has been as follows:

* All but one of them was America based; the one exception was from Belgium.


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Mideast Israel Palestinians

Tunnel network said to be extensive, deeply built

by, Abraham Rabinovich | The Washington Free Beacon

A Hamas force wearing Israeli army uniforms emerged from a tunnel inside Israel this morning and inflicted losses on Israeli troops before being wiped out.

The Hamas squad numbered at least 10 fighters, Israeli sources said. Nine were killed but an Israeli officer said at least two may have escaped through the tunnel.

In initial accounts, which gave conflicting narratives, the Hamas force was said to have emerged from a hidden tunnel on the Israeli side of the border only 200 yards from a kibbutz, and split into two groups.  Israeli soldiers whom one group encountered shortly afterwards reportedly took them to be fellow Israelis until it was noticed that they were carrying Kalashnikov rifles used by Hamas.

An exchange of fire ensued. The other Hamas group meanwhile ambushed an Israeli army jeep, which…

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Churches PROFITING immensely from illegal immigrant invasion!!! If YOU won’t put money in their plate for their hungry god, then they find someone else who will… Uncle Sam!!! Now your Income Taxes will support “Faith Based” services for the new arrivals!!!

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A few days ago we posted some details, and a large dose of opinion, about the latest misguided efforts of Glenn Beck’s “Bold and Sanctimonious Tour” – and a strange thing happened…. few, if any, thought our critical outline was controversial.

It would appear the Patriotic U.S. Sleeping Giant is awake, at least on this issue:

Is it really “charity” when the federal government is using the IRS to collect the “offering”?

What follows below is a little more depth on the issue of “Faith Based” organizations and those receiving federal grants to facilitate illegal immigration.

We have received numerous requests to turn the eye of research into exactly what these organizations are.   Specifically, one group that is continually in the media stories when they describe “faith-based” organizations and subsequent assistance to illegal aliens, or unaccompanied alien children, Baptist Child and Family Services or BCFS.

Faith Based…

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Yellowstone Closure – Road Melts… IT HAS BEGUN!!!


What Would An Eruption Of The Yellowstone Supervolcano Look Like?


2012 movie – Yellowstone explodes

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Yes my friendsThe Yellowstone caldeira...view from the webcam on  the top of the  mount Washburn, all of our North American civilization, even our Western civilization is not only threatened, but will perish with certainty.

I did a lot of personal research on the famous giant volcano Yellowstone and I can not help but reflect on the sudden changes observed recently by scientists from the University of Utah. The news is alarming and we are simply reconsider the meaning of our life, our daily habits and our relationship with nature and … the entire cosmos.

Currently, all humans living in North America is too busy with work, capitalist greed and equipment and their daily routine to really worry about the dangers that threaten us all …!

Numerous studies have established links between solar activity and earthquakes on Earth … or similar eruptions volcaniques.Si the solar maximum of 2012 surprises us by his power, if a major solar storm shakes us with a…

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